In our work, we aim to create a solutions that communicates a message, enhances a vision, and improves well-being.

Combining simplicity, craftsmanship, and creative partnerships, designs are able to move beyond the ordinary and achieve a kind of greatness.

“Creating the many different physical spaces needed to support TEDMED’s annual 3-day event has been a huge challenge. T.Condon has been instrumental in thinking through the experiences that will live within each space and then designing each space to meet the needs of that experience. From collaborative settings to those that showcase and inspire, working with T.Condon for the past seven years has always been a delight and a huge success. Spaces often need to support the community in flexible and somewhat organic ways while promoting learning and above all encouraging connections. The designs have been innovative and inspirational. But most importantly – they delivered upon the established objectives, beautifully!”

-Shirley Bergin

The TEDMED Foundation

Executive Director and Producer


“To me, physical environment is a powerful communications tool – one that helps convey expectations. And with my global leadership team, I wanted to set a new tone for how we would learn and problem solve on company and global issues together. I shared my vision for a setting to help signal and sustain that positive change, in which Tom and the Steelcase team delivered a perfect solution. The combination of contemporary and comfortable lounge seating and high-top tables with stools signaled a more informal, conversational setting where everyone was encouraged to engage. And it worked … a huge win.”   

-Jim Hackett

Ford Motor Company