Merging media, technology, and style

Since its debut in 2003, The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference has been breaking news, highlighting innovation, and bringing conversations with influential figures in media and technology. Nearly a decade’s worth of innovation has unfolded on the D stage and D9 was no exception.

Working closely with the D creators has been great. They share a vision of the experience and the space, and empower our team to make it happen. It’s like jumping onto a moving train; exhilarating and exciting to be part of something powerful while knowing that you will learn a ton and see amazing new things.

I received a nice note from my client for the All Things Digital conference, Lia L. Kennett, the Managing Producer: “D9 was stunning! The infusion of new product and the pops of color you included in the exhibit and public areas were gorgeous. I loved what you did.”

Check out the video of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and inventor of Twitter

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