Cool small tables, found for a friend

A friend asked if I had any ideas on where to find a cool small table for her living room which could also be used in an outdoor space. Something different and colorful and fun, not this and not that. I immediately thought of the creative tables made from vintage kimono fabrics by Tomita Kazuhiko, an industrial designer. The price is a little high, at $395 each, and you will want at least two. Here are a few more options with simple shapes, bright colors and good prices that I found. Table B are available online at Room and Board for around $200. Table C, Frank Gehry Color Cubes are found at Hive. They come in 5 great colors and the price is $250 each, Height is 17.5”. Check them all out and freshen up your space!

A. Tomita Kazuhiko Tables

B. Room And Board Tables

C. Frank Gehry Color Cubes 

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