The TEDMED Hive. Interesting connections, rewarding interactions.

TEDMED_2014_day two_flt

It worked – the entire experience including the Hive locations at both San Francisco and Washington, DC came together to make an energetic space that the attendees of TEDMED are really enjoying. We designed an intricate web of interactions that catch and bring together great thoughts and great minds. In the Hive areas in both cities we have “Speaker Meet Ups”, where presenters from the stage continue the conversations in a more intimate setting. There is a space called Campfire, where you can drop in and select a topic from a giant match stick, enjoy a s’more and strike up a conversation. Another area focuses on “Six Great Challenges” where meaningful conversations are happening and ideas are being born.

Throughout the space are many wonderful, cutting-edge companies both large and small, sharing so much interesting information and thinking for attendees to discover. I’m hearing a lot of good feedback that this year’s TEDMED will be the genisis for many great new conversations, efforts, and collaborations.

Photos courtesy of Imaj Photography.

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