TED31 recently came to a close. This was the second year for TED at the Vancouver Convention Center. If you recall, this was where the amazing stage was unveiled last year. This year it was there again, and it’s still amazing. Not being a new venue, we kept the things that worked well and imagined a few new things for 2015. TCondon was honored to represent Steelcase again and was deeply involved every step of the way.
One highlight in the “new” category was a fresh opportunity to develop a new concept and design for the whole first floor experience. That floor is home to a wide variety of solid content that needed to be shared well. And we wanted people to spend time interacting with it, not just zipping through it to get somewhere else. After lots of ideas, we landed on the concept of creating an experience similar to discovering and exploring a cool neighborhood — poking around great shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and galleries. You could interact with a Partner exhibit, take in an art display, sample a food tasting, and drop into a comfy simulcast space. We wanted it to be different from what was typically expected and rewarding for those who spent time in those spaces.
The approach worked and we heard that many people really enjoyed meandering through the new first floor neighborhood.
We will be posting again soon. Stay tuned for three more updates as we reflect upon TED31!

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