72 Hours. Go!

TCondon_72 hoursThe curtain must go up on time! Did we mention this is hard? The good thing is that we’ve done these before and we know how to get things done, plus, we work with a great, experienced team.
As much as it is easy to stereotype creative-types as having their heads in the clouds, that can’t be the reality when we have time-critical installations that must get done. Yes, creativity is a critical component of what we do, but to pull this off you also need to blend project management, practical experience, and a high stress tolerance. You must collaborate with many key people beyond your control. You have to problem-solve onsite. You have to wear comfortable shoes – we tracked 22 miles on our Fitbit one day. Another number stat: 12 semi trucks full of furniture needed to arrive on-time (!), get unloaded, and then have all their contents pieced together and installed. Add into this year’s challenge the fact that this was an international event. But we know how to minimize the risk of something going wrong — great planning yields great results. It’s a lovely, complex piece of logistics and it is incredibly exhilarating when it all comes together!

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