Learning from Play. Found.

While exploring the second-hand stores in Edinburgh, I found several boxes of cards used to teach the English language. I was first attracted to the graphics (straight out of the 60’s), then became intrigued by the thoughtfulness behind the cards. They combine the fun of puzzles with the task of learning new words. This struck me as similar to where our culture seems to be moving, with the blending of work and play. Funny that someone back in the 60’s understood the magic of putting the two together.

Cool small tables, found for a friend

A friend asked if I had any ideas on where to find a cool small table for her living room which could also be used in an outdoor space. Something different and colorful and fun, not this and not that. I immediately thought of the creative tables made from vintage kimono fabrics by Tomita Kazuhiko, an industrial designer. The price is a little high, at $395 each, and you will want at least two. Here are a few more options with simple shapes, bright colors and good prices that I found. Table B are available online at Room and Board for around $200. Table C, Frank Gehry Color Cubes are found at Hive. They come in 5 great colors and the price is $250 each, Height is 17.5”. Check them all out and freshen up your space!

A. Tomita Kazuhiko Tables

B. Room And Board Tables

C. Frank Gehry Color Cubes 

Inspiration to reality

A friend gave me this photo of a modern take on a cabana. I immediately thought “I can do that with Steelcase product for Art Center Design Conference.” The beautiful weather in Pasadena allowed us to place the upholstered Ripple benches outside and frame it in with Post & Beam and fabric. Perfect for the evening party on the Plaza.

Caught my Eye

Creating means taking a risk and following your gut to reach new heights. This quote hit home with me because I have experienced it. My best work is a result of trying something new without fear of failure. When I have second-guessed what someone wants and played it safe, I have failed.