Shall we retire to The Parlor?

POP!Tech was everything we were anticipating. The content was amazing and the spaces we created were a hit. We developed an altogether new space this year, The Parlor by Steelcase. It was actually a few blocks away from the main site, but that didn’t stop anyone from venturing out and utilizing The Parlor as a place to relax, learn, and engage.

The theme of  “The World Rebalancing” was articulated everywhere, but most significantly by the President of Iceland, whose quote nicely summarizes the event: “We are seeing a tectonic shift in the nature of our societies, transforming the balance between the market on one hand and democracy on the other” -Olafur Ragnar Grimsson.

Inspiring stuff and another big success for our team!

The count down to another remarkable experience begins.

The plans are set and the trucks are loading. Soon we will be in Camden Maine setting up another great POP!Tech experience. TCondon is proud to be contributing yet again to the design of such an invigorating weekend. We have been involved the last five years and it is an amazing event. The Parlor by Steelcase will be all-new– check it out in the old Knox Mill. Try out one of the bamboo bikes and let your voice be heard by contributing to the graffiti wall. The content of this great event couldn’t be more appropriate: The World Rebalancing. The description on the POP!Tech website is intriguing: “We are in the midst of a great realignment – a series of connected and converging revolutions in technology, economics, ecology, energy, geopolitics and culture that mark the end of one global era and the beginning of another. The world is rebalancing.” Stay tuned for photos and highlights after the event.